Metfone Cambodian league 2018

metfone cambodian league When Cambodian League 2019 starts?

Is Metfone Cambodian League 2019 starting now? The first week of Metfone Cambodian League 2019 will be on 9th-10th March 2019. The date of the matches are set by CCNC. Who plays 2019 Cambodian League? The 12 clubs who will play in League 1 Cambodia are: Nagaworld FC, Boeungket FC, National Defense FC, Visakha FC, […]

metfone cambodian league Nagaworld the Champion Cambodian League 2018

Nagaworld and the journey to Champion Who scored the final match of Nagaworld vs National Police Who did their best job for the last match of the season to complete the title of Champion Cambodian League 1 2018? During the final match of the season between Nagaworld FC – National Police FC, Nagaworld wins by […]

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2018 Cambodian Premier League

Cambodian Premier League was founded in 1982. The competition is under organization of Football Federation of Cambodia becomes division 1 league of the country. In 2014, the league was sponsor by Metfon, the mobile telecomunication company, named Metfone Cambodian League.

Results Metfone Cambodian League 1

Teams Standing Cambodia Division 1
– Last season 2017 Mefone Cambodian League here.

Look full results of Cambodian league 2018 here.

Metfone Cambodian League 2018 Table


Full table Cambodian league season Division 1 Cambodia 2018.

Who was the 2017 champion?

Boeungket is the champion of Cambodian league 2017 while National Defense is the runner-up. The 3rd place is Preah Khan Reach Svay Reing.

Teams from League 2, Teams left League 1

The two teams from League 2 are: Soltilo Angkor and Visaka
The two teams go to League 2 are: CMAC United and Kirivong Sok Sen Chey

Title holder

– Champion in 2014 PPC FC (Phnom Penh Crown FC).
– Champion in 2015 is Phnom Penh Crown FC.
– Champion in 2016 is Boeungket Angkor.
– Champion in 2017 is Boeungket Angkor