Hun Sen Cup 2017

Hun Sen Cup 2017 starts on 18th January 2017 as the first stage (region stage). The first stage is from 18th January to 15 March 2017. Second stage is from 5th April to 26th April 2017. Third Stage is from 3rd to 10th May 2017. Fourth Stage is from 24th to 31st May 2017.
Fifth Stage is 21 June to 8th July 2017.
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Hun Sen Cup 2016

In Second stage, the team number 1 and number 2 of each group will play against each other. Only the winner can continue to the Third stage. In stage 3, the winner of stage 2 will play against the champion of League 2 Cambodia, and the 4 bottom teams of League 1 Cambodia (National Police, Western Phnom Penh, CMAC United, Asia Europe United). The stage 4 is matches between the winner stage 3 vs the 6 top team of Cambodia League 1. All stage has to play home and away.‚Äč All match will be on every Wednesday.

There are different stage of Hun Sen Cup 2017, the cup is different from last year.
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Group A Hun Sen Cup 2017

1Kampong Speu00000000

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Hun Sen Cup

The season 2017 ends. The season 2018 of Hun Sen Cup will be soon start. Follow us to get the latest update of the Schedule of Hun Sen Cup new season.
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